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What To Avoid In Hiring A Tree Trimmer

Looking for a reliable tree service company? Discover the essential qualities to seek in a tree contractor with our comprehensive guide. But hold on, this article takes a different approach. We’ve compiled a list of red flags to watch out for! If any tree contractor exhibits these warning signs, it’s time to halt and continue your search elsewhere.

Incomplete Insurance

Insurance is crucial for personal protection and business security. In the tree service industry, where danger lurks, it’s vital to choose contractors with complete insurance coverage. But what does “complete” insurance entail? Let’s delve into the two most essential insurances every tree contractor should have.

General Liability Insurance

Ensuring the success of your tree service business is paramount, and this insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding your operations. By offering comprehensive coverage for property damage and bodily injury during job execution, it offers you the confidence and protection you need. Imagine a scenario where a tree trimmer unintentionally damages a customer’s roof – this insurance acts as your safety net, taking care of repair costs. Without it, you risk being held responsible for any mishaps that occur on the job. Don’t leave your business vulnerable – invest in this essential insurance today.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Choose a tree service company wisely – your safety depends on it. In an industry notorious for being hazardous, it is crucial to hire a company that provides worker’s comp insurance to protect their employees. But here’s the catch: not all worker’s comp coverages are the same. With worker’s compensation being an expensive investment, some tree service companies may be tempted to disregard it entirely or misclassify themselves as landscapers to boost their earnings.

Discover the eye-opening truth about worker’s compensation rates for tree pruning employees in California. According to WorkersCompensationShop.com, these rates can range anywhere from 12.58% to a staggering 43.53%. That means for every $100 earned by an employee, the company may need to shell out up to $43.53 in worker’s compensation. To put this into perspective, clerical office employees enjoy rates as low as 0.36% to 0.99%. Brace yourself for the financial impact of this crucial insight.


When it comes to tree service companies, obtaining a contractor’s license with the state is a basic requirement. It’s a topic that should be covered in the very first lessons of Managing a Tree Service Company 101. As a general guideline, established and respected tree companies will typically already be licensed. It’s almost impossible for a tree service company to achieve significant growth and recognition without a license. However, if you happen to come across a small operation run by a single individual, it would be wise to verify their license before proceeding.

Poor Customer Service

Discover a world of tree service professionals who are dedicated to serving you. With a team made up of both administrative experts and skilled field staff, we are here to provide exceptional service from start to finish. When you meet with our estimator or project manager for an in-person estimate, rest assured that their focus is solely on your satisfaction. Prepare for a professional encounter with individuals who excel in interpersonal communication.

Experience the personal touch of a one-man tree trimming company. When you meet for your estimate, you’ll be face-to-face with your actual tree trimmer. These skilled professionals fearlessly climb trees, wielding chainsaws and clearing brush. Their focus is not only on delivering exceptional tree trimming results but also on ensuring their own safety. While customer service may take a back seat, you’ll still receive top-notch service from this dedicated contractor.

Not all one-man operations offer poor customer service. Escondido Arborist started small too. Some small companies are run by highly skilled individuals. Whether you’re dealing with a single person or a large enterprise, good interactions are essential. Do you trust that your trees are in capable hands? Are your requests taken seriously and addressed promptly? Can you rely on the individual and the company? If not, it’s time to explore other options.

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